• High Risk
  • Recommended investment term 5 years or longer
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Equity fund that invests within the Croatian equity market

The OTP index fund is a passively managed equity fund, and by definition belongs to a group of open end investment funds with public offer (UCITS fund). The fund monitors the index of the Zagreb Stock Exchange CROBEX, and provides exposure to the largest and most liquid Croatian companies.

Here you can find the current composition of the CROBEX index.

Denomination of the Fund is in euro (EUR).


For whom the fund is intended for?

  • The fund is intended for investors who are willing to take high risk, have a significant capital gain and want to achieve high growth of their investments. Accordingly, the assets in which the fund invests are highly volatile, especially in the short term, and will achieve their expected return in the longer term
  • The recommended investment time in the fund is 5 years, which means that it is suitable for investors who are unlikely to need the invested funds within that period
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Technical characteristics

Currency of denomination : EUR
First payment to the Fund: minimum 130,00 EUR (one hundered thirty euros)
Next payments: minimum 13,00 EUR (thirteen euros) provided that the investor has not withdrawn the initial investment)
Commencement of the Fund: 15.10.2007.
Management fee (annually): 0,85% of the total assets of the Fund
Entry fee:
Investment size Commission (%)
up to 9.500,00 EUR from January 1st unitll 31.03.2023 without entry fee; otherwise 1,00%
from 9.500,01 EUR up to 26.000 EUR from January 1st unitll 31.03.2023 without entry fee; otherwise 0,50%
more than od 26.000 EUR 0,00%
Exit fee:
Investment period Commission (%)
up to 3 (three) months 2,00
from 3 (three) months to 12 (twelve) months 1,00
from 12 (twelve) months to 24 (twentyfour) months 0,50
longer than 24 (twenty four) months 0,00
Deposit bank: OTP banka d.d.
Deposit bank fee (annually): 0,15% of the total assets of the Fund
Initial unit price 100,00 HRK (in EUR 13,2723)


Tabular unit prices display

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