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How to file a tax?

Dear clients,

Continuing entry into force of the provisions of the Income Tax Act which provide for the taxation of capital income on the basis of capital gains
as of January 1, 2016, you can download the document (PDF) Tax Return Manual below.

Please send us additional questions with the tax return on the basis of capital gains related to the ownership of shares in OTP Invest investment funds to the following e-mail address:            

Annual tax on capital gains manual


Communication regarding taxation of capital gains and reporting via the JOPPD Form

Concerning the implementation of the provision of Article 51 para. 8 of the Income Tax Act (Official Gazette, No. 177/04, 73/08, 80/10, 114/11, 22/12, 144/12, Decision of the USRH - 120 / 13,125 / 13, 148/13, Decision USRH - 83/14, 143/14 and 136 / 15- hereinafter: the Law) which stipulates that the taxpayer - holder of financial assets is required to advance capital income tax on the basis of capital gains referred to in Article 30, paragraphs 16 and 17 Of the Act, except for capital gains on the basis of alienation of shares in companies, calculated, suspended and paid by 31 January of the current year for all capital gains realized in the previous year less capital losses from Article 30, paragraph 24 of this Act at the rate of 10% without recognizing the personal deduction referred to in Article 36 of the Act and notify the Tax Administration within the same period, we inform you of the following:

Taxpayers who earned total income from capital in the country through financial intermediaries, on the basis of capital gains in 2016 and received a certificate (notice) to their home address, and the realized capital gain according to the submitted notice is less than 112.00 HRK, and the liability of income tax on the basis of capital gains, applying the average surtax rate of 10%, would amount to a total of HRK 11,20, they are NOT obliged to submit the JOPPD Form by 31 January 2017 because the cost of filing The JOPPD form was disproportionate to the income tax collected and the surtax on income tax.

The application shall be deemed to have been submitted, the submission of data by financial intermediaries (issuer of the notice), in accordance with the provisions of Article 79, paragraph 1 of the General Tax Act (Official Gazette, No. 115/16).
Based on the data submitted by financial intermediaries, respecting the principle of economy, in accordance with the provisions of Article 97, paragraph 1 of the General Tax Act, which stipulates that the tax authority does not have to issue a tax decision if the costs of determining and collecting taxes are disproportionate to the tax. paragraph 11 of the Income Tax Act (Official Gazette, No. 115/16) The Tax Administration will only record the submitted data, without carrying out further procedures.

Yours OTP Invest