• Moderate Risk
  • Recommended investment term: 3 years or longer
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Fund moderately risky investment structure

The OTP ABSOLUTE fund is an open end investment fund with public offer (UCITS fund) with investment portfolio consists of different asset classes. The fund is exposed to traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, funds, money, while investment innovation is achieved by focusing on the riskiness of those assets. The result of such an investment strategy is an optimal portfolio of stable risk and less correlation with the market. The geographical focus is the world.

Denomination of the fund is in Euro (EUR), buying and selling of funds units can be carried out in EUR or HRK.

For whom the fund is intended for?

  • The fund is intended for investors who are willing to take moderate risk, which means that they want to achieve moderate investment growth while carefully balancing between the desire to return and the risk taken
  • The recommended investment time in the fund is at least three years, which means that it is suitable for investors who are unlikely to need the invested funds within that period
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Technical characteristics

Currency of denomination : EUR
First payment to the Fund: minimum 100 EUR (one hundred euros) or kuna equivalent according to the middle exchange rate for euro* of the Croatian National Bank
Next payments: minimum EUR 15 (fifteen euros) or HRK 100 (one hundred kunas) whereby the value of the payment in HRK is converted into the value of the Fund's share at the middle exchange rate of the CNB for the euro* (provided that the investor has not withdrawn the initial investment) 
Commencement of the Fund: 27.12.2005.
Management fee (annually): 1,10% of the total assets of the Fund
Entry fee: unitll 31.08.2022 without entry fee; otherwise up to 10.000 euros 1,00% (one percent);
for amounts greater than 10.000 euros is not charged
Exit fee: 1,00% for investments shorter than one year
Deposit bank: OTP banka d.d.
Deposit bank fee (annually): 0,11% of the total assets of the Fund

The day of payment is considered to be the working day of receipt of the investor's funds on the Fund's account, for receipts received up to and including 16:00. For receipts received after 16:00, the day of payment is considered to be the next working day.

For more information on how to place a standing order in the internet banking application of OTP Banka ELEMENTA, click on the following link. For all those who do not have the ELEMENTA application activated, they can place a standing order in all OTP Bank branches.

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Tabular unit prices display

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